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" You can commission me to paint a creative artwork or fine art portrait to show appreciation to a friend or a loved one.
The original painting can be presented at a special occasion such as a birthday, baptism, engagement, wedding, anniversary or any other celebration. It is sure to make an impression and be a lasting conversation piece! "

  • Prota Zivorad Subotic
  • Prota Zivorad Subotic with his portrait
  • Billy-and-Aleka
  • Billy and Aleka with Baby Maria Portrait
  • Article Kisobran 2010
  • Aleka with Watercolor of Baby Maria
  • Biljana-and-Marina
  • Biljana and Marina with Biljana Portrait
  • Adele's 60th birthday gift
  • Adele's 60th birthday gift
  • Adele's 60th birthday gift 1
  • Adele's 60th birthday gift
  • Adele's 60th birthday gift - reaction
  • Adele's 60th birthday gift - reaction
  • Chris Nilan
  • Marina Gavanski Zissis presenting portrait of Chris Nilan
  • montreal-may-2013
  • Montreal 26.05.2013.
  • montreal-may-2013
  • Montreal 26.05.2013.


  • Marina and Milos Raonic with his Portraits, 2016

  • Marina, Colours of a Woman, Ottawa 2013.

  • Marina presenting her painting to Novak Djokovic.

  • Shield of Athena Auction, 2012.


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She's sensual, intellectual, and emotional. She is a woman...

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